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I'm a strong believer in the power of writing things down, using what's written to find connections and compose new ideas.

The way I do that is by storing my ideas, thoughts, questions and distillations in an Obsidian vault.

The purpose of this particular note is to create a jumping off point for the many topics I learn, write and think about.

This note is non-linear, it's meant to be scrolled until something piques the reader's interest.

It's been organized by topic and I'll continue to add new topics and notes over time.

Every map of content is referenced here and at the very least given a brief sentence about what that map of content is about.

I've started keeping a weekly review for people who want to keep up with what's new.


As I mentioned above, Obsidian is the place I take notes, connect and compose ideas that can become public notes or posts or become springboards for new projects.

I keep my !Obsidian Structure note up to date about how I structure my vault and what templates I use.

I also keep notes on settings and configuration I have for plugins such as Quick Add.

My Setups and Stacks

I'm obsessed with setups and tool stacks.

I keep lists for...

Building Software

My primary role the part 15 years has been that of a software engineer, but the past 2 years, I've been focusing on building a startup from scratch.

I've built software for 30 - Collections/Organizations/Murmur, Webflow, Walmart Labs, 30 - Collections/Organizations/Zappos and Rock, Paper, Scissors Marketing.

I've primarily written software in Go and JavaScript, across various parts of the stack. I've written about my experience with languages and what companies I used the languages at in my note about Software and Programming Languages I Use.

I keep a running note about this site's site architecture in the case that it's useful for others.

Building Distributed Teams

I started my journey on distributed teams in 2016 when I joined Walmart Labs. I enjoy working this way and believe it's critical to see teams as distributed rather than remote.

I think the key to successful distributed teams is individuals honing A Systematic Approach to Managing Oneself.


I have started exploring what it means for me to live a healthier lifestyle in 2022. So far what that looks like is getting back into Climbing, choosing a Plant-based Lifestyle and focusing on balance with my Revbalance 101 v2 Board and learning Calisthenics.

I love a delicious, smooth Coffee and I keep a list of all of my favorite beans, what style I prefer them with and where I get them.

I also started learning to play various songs on the Ukulele.

You can see all of my notes, listed in order of when they were created on this page.

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Hey, I'm Chase. I help aspiring entrepreneurs and makers turn their ideas into digital products and apps.

Do you need help taking your digital life from chaos to order? Sign up early for my Digital Delight course!

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