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2023 W02 Weekly Review

Updates on my newsletter, my personal experiences and my contribution to my work.


The biggest update this week: This weekly review!

I decided I'm going to try out doing a weekly review...and doing it in public!


  • Enchanted Princess Ball. Friday night of last week (2023 W01) I took Elizabeth to an "Enchanted Princess Ball" at the Glen Eyrie
  • Climbed 2 days, 20+ routes. It was a good week for climbing. I onsited (first climb, no tips) my first 5.10b that's all slopers which was exciting.
  • Completed 100% of my Calisthentics exercises for the week. I'm leveling up all of my exercises next week.
  • Lego Treehouse. I finished my LEGO Treehouse



Newsletter Update

I struggled to put hands to keyboards on the newsletter I wanted to start writing.

This public weekly review is a less scary, more gentle way for me to ease into thinking about a newsletter.

There were a few things I noticed at play:

  • I was afraid of what people would think if my first issue wasn't "perfect".
  • I was not excited about the idea (the craft behind how people make things).

I'm going to explore a different topic in the meantime.

New and Updated Topic Notes

Other Interesting Reading

Why aligned autonomy is an ongoing struggle

Aaron Dignan shared this with the30 - Collections/Organizations/Murmur team. This problem of aligned autonomy is at the root of trying to get a Startup off the ground.

Autonomy, in a workplace context, is not about β€œI can do whatever I feel like” but rather β€œI feel free to act and fully engage to achieve a greater purpose.”

I think the critical misunderstanding of autonomy isn't just "free to act and fully engage to achieve a greater purpose", it's also that I have to do it within my abilities, skills and decision rights.

I hold roles within the organization and those roles inform the way I contribute in my "freedom to act".

When I learned to focus on my role to serve the purpose, it enabled me to move the needle.

Music Highlights

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Hey, I'm Chase. I help aspiring entrepreneurs and makers turn their ideas into digital products and apps.


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