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Start with user accounts, workspaces and teams

The entity types to always start with when building a Software as a Service.


Looking back on the past year as I’ve been building a SaaS (Software as a Service) from scratch, I think one the most foundational mistake I made was not thinking in terms of workspaces (we started with a single team) in the way I thought about how we would model relationships between individuals and groups of people.


A user is someone who has created an account on the SaaS. They have profile information and the content they create is associated with them.


A workspace is strictly a billing and membership entity**.**

Minimum Roles

  • Owner - The role that is able to pay for the workspace. They have all the permissions and privileges of an admin and a member
  • Admin - The role is able to create teams and add members
  • Member - The role is able to do basic actions in a workspace


A team is able is where all of the action happens for the SaaS. It has Admin and Member roles.

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