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How I Publish Content to

How I publish content to


Previously I iterated on a few solutions to publish content and they each had downsides...

First, I used Dropbox to publish my posts. The downsides were:

  • Files didn't stay in sync between Obsidian sync and Dropbox.
  • I had to stay up to date with the Dropbox API and it changed quit a bit
  • I wasn't needing to "publish on the go" the way I anticipated I needed to.

In my second iteration, I wanted to focus on publishing more of what I originally considered posts as "notes", so I was using Obsidian Publish by fetching content on request and serving a rendered version via NextJS. The downsides were:

  • It was slow to render
  • My URLs were hard to read
  • It was brittle because I kept track of the entire path of a file. If I moved it, it broke the URL


My goals are to...

  • publish content easily (but not necessarily on the fly)
  • reduce duplication of where I write and focus in on Obsidian
  • reduce creating redirects

New Solution

I now copy my Obsidian vault on my computer into my `git` repo's content folder and publish on push.

Implementation [!TODO]

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