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What I've learned on my journey as a climber.


Climbing is my primary activity for exercise. I climb 2-3 times a week for 1.5-2 hours each session.

Currently I climb top rope and auto belay at around a 5.11+ grade.


General Terminology

  • beta - tips or additional information about a route or problem that you didn't figure out on your own.
  • volume - a big, often triangular, structure that's bolted onto an indoor wall. They're often used to create bump outs from the wall to increase the challenge of a route or problem

Climbing Styles

Top Rope

Lead - Sport

Lead - Traditional (Trad)



There are four ways to successfully finish a climb that I hear used:

  • Onsight
  • Flash
  • Red Point
  • Go


Onsight is a successful first ascent without any beta. You can only onsight a route or problem once.


Flashing a route or problem is a successful first attempt with some beta. You can only flash a route or problem once.

Red Point

A Red Point climb is a successful ascent after one or more attempts without falling or resting. You can red point a route or problem multiple times.


A Go is when the climber climbs to the top with one or more rests or falls. You can go a route or problem multiple times.


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Hey, I'm Chase. I help aspiring entrepreneurs and makers turn their ideas into digital products and apps.


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