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Software and Programming Languages I Use

The software and programming languages I've used over the years.



I used Docker heavily at Webflow and now use it for serving MongoDB locally for the 30 - Collections/Organizations/Murmur app. I also use it for one off runs of services I need for various projects. I usually do this by running something with Make or docker-compose.


JavaScript is the language I've used for the majority of my career in technology.


I wrote the first line for the Murmur app with TypeScript in September 2020.


I mostly use CSS as "CSS-in-JS" in JavaScript by styling components now, preferring a framework like Stitches (personal projects such as or Styled Components (30 - Collections/Organizations/Murmur) instead of css, sass or less.


I wrote Go at Walmart for the reverse proxy and CDN that all of Walmart subsidiaries used from December 2016 to October 2018.


I used MongoDB at Webflow and it's the database behind all of the data for 30 - Collections/Organizations/Murmur.

It's great as a document store and I've found it delightful to use as they've been adding features to their aggregation pipeline and atomic operators.


I haven't written PHP in a long time, but I wrote it professionally when I built my first website for my family's building material supplier, Cofer Adams Building Center, from December 2009 to May of 2011.

After Cofer Adams Building Center, I wrote PHP at Rock, Paper, Scissors Marketing for a little under a year.

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Do you need help taking your digital life from chaos to order? Sign up early for my Digital Delight course!

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