PostHog is a suite of product and data tools built for the modern stack. Here's how I use it.

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PostHog is a "suite of product and data analytics tools".

It enables anyone building for the web to track product analytics, roll out features based on feature flags, test ideas with A/B testing and it also acts as an event pipeline.

I enjoy using PostHog for a few reasons:

  • PostHog has an autocapture JavaScript snippet that makes it easy to implement and start getting rich data
  • The PostHog Launchbar Heatmap helps me learn more about the user from a holistic view.
  • They have a rich set of documentation,
  • The platform is open-source (so it can be self-hosted) and has a cloud offering (for people like me who are building products ourselves and shouldn't be fiddling with self-hosting infrastructure)
  • Their team is quick to engage with requests in their Slack channel

I've started using PostHog for analytics for 30 - Collections/Organizations/Murmur products and for my personal website (

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