Obsidian (the note making app) from my perspective and experience.

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This is a round up of all the plugins, hotkey overrides, tips, tricks and settings I use for Obsidian and Obsidian Plugins.

You can read about how I structure my obsidian vault here.

I have also experimented with different ways to publish my notes to the web so that others can benefit from being able to see them and for a brief period of time used Obsidian Publish.



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Core Plugins

Sync2022-01-01To sync my Obsidian notes between my Macbook & iPhone
Publish2022-09-20To publish my notes to the web

Community Plugins

DataView2022-08-15Supercharge data from notes.
Templater2022-08-15Enhanced templating engine.
Sliding Panes2022-08-19Better navigation. Thanks to Nick Milo.
Periodic Notes2022-08-19Easily create weekly notes
Note Refactor2022-08-19Easily refactor notes
Tag Wrangler2022-08-19Tag renaming
Quick Add2022-09-08Easy creation of new files

Hotkey Overrides

I like to keep my hotkeys in Obsidian close to my hotkeys in VS Code.

Command Palette: Open command palette⌘ + shift + P
Quick Switcher: Open quick switcher⌘ + P
Note Refactor: Extract selection to new note - first name as filename⌘ + shift + R
Close all other panes⌘ + shift + W
Open link under cursor in new pane⌘ + .
Navigate back^ + _
Navigate forward^ + shift + _

Core Plugins

Command Palette


Relevant Notes

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