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An overview of Obsidian Publish (Obsidian's platform for publishing to the web) from my perspective and experience.

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Obsidian Publish is a service that the Obsidian team provides for users who want to publish their notes directly to the internet.

It's a neat service that I used for a brief period of time but found it didn't meet my needs for writing and publishing, so I decided to publish my Obsidian notes my own way.

Despite no longer using the service, I still contribute to solution-ing in the Obsidian Discord and keep my solutions as notes to share later.

Some notes I've published about making modifications to Obsidian Publish:


  • Image alt - If you want to give an image an alt, you can do it by typing ![[Image.png|My Image Alt]]. Image.png will be displayed and have "My Image Alt" as the alt. (Obsidian Publish)

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