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How I use interstitial journaling in Obsidian

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Interstitial Journaling is a technique of capturing notes, tasks and journal entries as individual items in a list. It's a really neat way to be capturing what matters without having to worry about where to put it while also giving the journaler the ability to scan or filter each list item (with code).

I use interstitial journaling in Obsidian by keeping a daily list under my # logs heading.

An example may look like this for a note called 2022-11-21 Mon:

# logs
- 13:01 Had an [[impromptu meeting with coworker 2022-11-10]]
- [ ] Complete the last step of the [[Some Slackbot (Murmur)]] flow where the user can dismiss the ephemeral message [[Murmur]]
- 15:20 [[Elizabeth Adams]] said <SOMETHING CUTE> #journal/elizabeth 

I use a Dataview (Obsidian) query to Get all links to the current file with Obsidian and Dataview, which lets me roll up all of the individual list items to their relevant notes.

This allows me to fine tune what information I see when I want to do reviews or combinatorial creativity.

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