An overview of git (the version control system) from my perspective and experience.

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I use git for version control.


Rename a branch...

To rename a branch, while on the current branch, run the following in the terminal (replacing newBranchName with the branch name you want the current branch to be called):

git branch -m newBranchName

Undo a commit and add more to it

Sometimes I find myself committing a small chunk of code that isn't quite right. I'll either refactor it or fix it, but I don't want to create a new "fix" commit.

When the commit was the most recent commit I made and I haven't pushed yet, I'll do a soft reset:

git reset --soft HEAD^

A soft reset removes the most recent commit and the files that were in that commit are staged. You can then add your fix and recommit with the same message.

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