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My Digital Tool Stack

A list of the apps and tools I that make up my tool stack and improve the way I work.


This is a list of the apps and tools that I use as a part of my digital tool stack.

I've organized them by their context. I have listed the apps under their main context and if they have multiple contexts, I list them under "other apps and tools" in the contexts they also belong to.

For Effectiveness...

  • Spotify - Music.
  • Obsidian - Capturing and connecting my thoughts and ideas.
  • Raycast - An OS launcher.
  • Drafts - Quick capture, especially dictation.

For Work Execution...

  • Chrome - An internet tool for Googling Stack Overflow and previewing web apps I built.
  • VS Code - Building software.
  • MongoDB Compass - A tool for querying Mongo databases.
  • PostHog - for analytics ingestion and analyzing that data

For Work Adminstrivia...

  • Cron (calendar) - A more intuitive, refined calendar.
  • Slack - A place to talk to my team, people in open source projects and my friends.
  • Discord - A place to talk to friends.
  • Spark (email) - A tool for email.
  • Loom - A tool for communicating what I'm noticing and thinking about via video.

General Administrivia

  • 1Password - password management

Set It and Forget It

These are services I use that I rarely have to look at but they do heavy lifting for the work I do.

  • Vercel - The deployment and hosting platform I use for everything I make for the internet.
  • Namecheap - Where I buy my domains for the web.
  • ImprovMX - Email for my personal domain ( is routed through ImprovMX to my Gmail.

I also keep a list of Useful Digital Tools that I use infrequently but still find valuable.

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Hey, I'm Chase. I help aspiring entrepreneurs and makers turn their ideas into digital products and apps.


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