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If I could have any super powers...

In which I answer what super powers I would want if I could choose some (and how some super powers are attainable).


Someone once asked me: "If you could have any super powers, what would they be?"

There were two that came to mind right away:

  1. Wonder
  2. Amplification


Wonder was inspired by a character from the 📚 Renegades Series named Callum. I wish I could claim it as an original idea, but I can't. Marissa Meyer beat me to it.

"My point is that Ace Anarchy, whatever his motives might have been, was ultimately a destructive force. He destroyed things. But we are so much stronger and better when we put our energy into creating things, not destroying them." - Callum in Archenemies, page 265

Wonder is one of those delightful words that can have multiple meanings:

  • a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unfamiliar or inexplicable
  • to be curious about something

I want to feel that "surprise mingled with admiration". The beauty of the super power, however, would be that by being around me, my sense of wonder would lead to others feeling a sense of wonder. If being around me inspired others to feel wonder, that would be the most amazing super power.


Keeping in theme, amplification is the idea that the super power itself is to enhance the super powers of others.

I think it's a neat idea, because by myself, it doesn't make me that powerful. The power is in the fact that I'm in a space with others. My super power is only powerful because it's making other people's powers stronger.

Closing Thoughts (Maybe they're not super?)

I think the best thing about wonder and amplification is that even though real super powers don't exist, in a way these are something I could strive for and still be pretty close to doing in real life. All it takes to inspire wonder is a willingness to stay curious and present and whole. All it takes to amplify others is to recognize their gifts and figure out how I can contribute to them cultivating their gifts.

It's beautiful to think about it.

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