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Get list items containing a tag with Obsidian and Dataview

How to get a list of items containing a specific tag with Obsidian and Dataview.


I use Obsidian for interstitial journaling and wanted to list all of my specific list items containing the #journal tag.

This DataviewJS snippet gets all items where they include1 a specific tag (#journal):

dv.list(dv.pages().file.lists.where(t => t.text.includes("#journal")).map((t ) => t.text))

Being able to query individual list items is a power boost for anyone using Obsidian for interstitial journaling and keeping their journal entries in a daily note!


  1. It doesn't have to be a tag, includes is a JavaScript string function, which means you could @ mention something, filter by some thing that could be queried with a Regular Expression or even link to another file!

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