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3D Printing Journey

Follow along as I explore 3d Printing.



We sold my 3d printer when we relocated from Nevada to Colorado, so I haven't done much with it. That said, our library has 3d printers, so I may get back into it!

Today (2020-02-28) I started my journey into 3d printing! This post will be a rolling update (hopefully) of what I learn and what I'm making.

Day 1 (2020-02-28 Fri)

  • received a Monoprice Voxel
  • setup Monoprice Voxel, connected it to the wifi
  • connected to Monoprice Voxel through FlashPrintMP
  • didn't realize I missed the instructions on loading the filament, almost ran a print without filament
  • printed my first Benchy. Used auto-supports...turned out to be a lot of support (😅), but the print turned out really good for my first print!
  • first print took somewhere around 2.5 hours, used around 3m of filament
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Vector Arrow Scribbles
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A figma community project of vectorized hand-drawn arrows.

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Vector Line Scribbles
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A figma community project of vectorized hand-drawn lines.

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Vector Shape Scribbles
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A figma community project of vectorized hand-drawn shapes.

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