Using Current Date and Time In VS Code Snippets

Learn how to use current date and time in VS Code Snippets.

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Previously when generating new blog articles (in 30 - Collections/Software/VS Code, now I generate articles in Obsidian), adding dates to Markdown frontmatter was a manual step that required me to:

  • Determine the date
  • Convert what I read into the date format I use for frontmatter

As of VS Code release 1.20, Snippets have access to the current date and time with one of the following variables:


Now if I want a frontmatter "date" for Markdown for the current year, month and day (YYYY-MM-DD), I can add the following to my snippet:


Using the published date of this post, the expanded snippet produces:

date: "2018-07-24"

Markdown snippet with current date and time automatically inserted

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