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Desktop Apps I Always Have Open

For Effectiveness...

  • Spotify - Music.
  • Obsidian - Capturing and connecting my thoughts and ideas.
  • Raycast - An OS launcher.

For Work Execution...

  • Chrome - An internet tool for Googling Stack Overflow and previewing web apps I built.
  • VS Code - Building software.
  • MongoDB Compass - A tool for querying Mongo databases.

For Work Adminstrivia...

  • Cron (calendar) - A more intuitive, refined calendar.
  • Slack - A place to talk to my team, people in open source projects and my friends.
  • Discord - A place to talk to friends.
  • Spark (email) - A way to check my email.
  • Loom - A tool for communicating what I'm noticing and thinking about via video.

Published on 2022-09-30

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