Dataview (Obsidian)

An overview of the Obsidian plugin Dataview from my perspective and experience.

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Dataview is an Obsidian that I use heavily for fetching data from all of my files and rendering them as lists to make it easier to reflect on topics, interstitial journal or roll up tasks by project.

Get all pages containing a tag


This will get all pages that contain the tag #people

Notes that were created on the current day

// ```dataviewjs
dv.header(2, `Notes made on the ${moment(new Date()).format("DD")} day`)
	.filter(page => 
		 moment(page.file.cday.ts).format("DD") === moment(new Date()).format("DD"))
// ```

This allows me to see all notes that were ever created in the same day's date (28th of any month, for example) so that I always see all of my notes in a month's time.

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