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Curiously Chase Newsletter

I write a weekly newsletter where I explore the intersections of creativity, autonomy, and technology to empower individuals and organizations in the rapidly evolving landscape of work and collaboration.

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In this newsletter I explore themes about work, collaboration and creativity such as constraints for creativity, the role of mastery of craft in autonomy, the future of work and more.

Every 2 months I set the stage for a new theme and publish 7 issues exploring the theme more deeply.

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In each issue, you can expect me to share:

  • 1 big idea
  • 2 real-world examples
  • 3 practical strategies
  • 5 related trending themes and topics
I also share about what I've been writing through the week, articles that I think will help you learn the topics and newsletters and posts from other people exploring similar topics.

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Every other week I publish the Curiously Crafted newsletter.

In it, I explore the intersection of curiosity and craft: the people who make stuff, what they make and the way they pursue the craft of making.


I'm on almost all social media as @curiouslychase.

The curious logo of Chase Adams: glasses and a bow tie.stay curious.